Friday, May 16, 2014

Message from the 2013-2014 Executive Board

This past year has been an exciting one for the newly revamped Criminal Law Practitioner, formerly known as the Criminal Law Brief.  We are proud to begin fostering our new mission of providing practitioners with timely and practical articles.  Our Spring 2014 Issue will be published, both online and in hard copy, at the beginning of June.  Thank you to those who have supported us throughout the year, to the authors who took a chance on us, and to the members of this publication who essentially doubled their responsibilities this year to ensure a successful transition.
We are honored to pass along the torch to the incoming 2014-2015 Executive Board, all of whom, without hesitation, will take this publication to the next level.

Raleigh Mark, 3L, Editor-in-Chief
Robert Nothdurft, Jr., 3L, Executive Editor
Annie Berry, 3L, Managing Editor
Janissia Orgill, 2L, Publications Editor
Jonathan Yunes, 2L, Associate Publications Editor
Omeed Assefi, 2L, Articles Editor
Trevor Addie, 2L, Blog Editor

We are also pleased to announce the incoming 2014-2015 Senior Editors:

Ife Afolayan, 3L
Michael Bayern, 3L
Cassandre Plantin, 3L
Stephane Plantin, 3L

Next week will begin publishing blog posts on our summer blog schedule, new posts will be published every Tuesday.  You can follow the blog by email and receive new posts as they are published.  

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Criminal Law Practitioner’s first year so successful.

- 2013-2014 Executive Board

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